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I took a little personal survey re: a stress-free life

1. I listen mostly to local weather reports

2. I canceled all social media accounts

3. I read books, real books I can hold in my hands with actual pages

4. I make routines work for me; I don't end up working for them.

5. Bowls of fresh fruit make me feel happy.

6. I exercise everyday.

7. I bought a pair of noise canceling headphones and listen to my favorite music.

8 I spend my time with my wife and my acupuncturists, the two most positive and useful ways to spend my time, other than being alone.

9. I used to have a pet rock in my pocket but it rolled away.

10 I like taking photos

11 My pets make me calm

12 I do gazing exercises/meditation everyday

13 I created my own personal Servitors and their job is to get rid of worrisome thoughts

14 I like supporting podcasts

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