I can still hear my dad yelling, without much effect: "You've got to learn to do things you don't wanna do! That's life!" Of course, I resisted that philosophy all my life. Resistance became a permanent lifestyle. I became a professional musician, which I loved to do; I became a photographer, and that was a liberating experience that I loved; I had fun with a variety of girlfriends, some of whom I married (and divorce was even fun); I became a writer and expressed myself in a spectrum of topics and styles, and that’s lots of fun; I had fun traveling all over the world and living in many cities; I won't even try to tell you how much fun I had doing drugs; I became a voracious reader and that's a type of sustained fun; don't get me started talking about how much fun I have eating and exercising; everyday in so many ways I have fun with my loveable pets; living with my wife, Niki, is so much fun I pinch myself in case I'm dreaming. So, I guess the point is, I've lived a different life than most: my short-list would be a handful of things that WERE NOT fun!

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