You: Creative? Yes!

Can crystals help with creativity?

You: Creative? Yes!

Sometimes when I talk with people about being creative, the first thing they say is "I'm not creative." People think that being creative means you have to draw or write or sing or act or...... not true. Yes, those are ways of being creative, but there's so much more. Every day we re-create ourselves. We create when we go to work, when we cook, when we clean, raise children, tend the garden, sew, bake bread, and on and on. 

How Do Crystals Help With Creativity?

First of all, here's where having a personal crystal can make a huge difference. Your personal crystal is your friend, one who knows you quite well, and you can ask it to help you be creative, come up with new solutions, and approach your life in a more expansive way. Then be ready to watch for bits and pieces of information to flow your way. Act on them. 

You can get more specific, too. For instance, I have a writing crystal that has been with me since 1983. (I know. Some of you weren't born yet.) When it first joined my crystal tribe, I simply appreciated its beauty. It has a gorgeous rainbow inside that loves to smile and wink at me. Over time, though, I realized that it is a library crystal, meaning it holds information that is meant to be accessed by one person. In this case, the person is me.

How Do You Use Them?

My creativity crystal lives on my desk where I see it daily and where it is in my energetic space. If I'm writing, or designing a class or presentation, I pick the crystal up from time to time, close my eyes, and put myself into a receptive mode. I ask it to help me with whatever I am doing. I'm specific about what I need or want, and this is important. We have to ask for help, being specific if we can, and then be willing to receive and act on what we are given. Be sure to thank the crystal for being willing to help you.

What Happens Next? 

Sometimes words or images flow and other times I just feel energy. Invariably, new ideas will present themselves as I move forward. The more this crystal and I have attuned over the years, the greater the volume and the clarity of information has become.

Other times, I put the crystal on top of paperwork or a book — whatever I'm dealing with — and ask the stone to access what I need to move forward with the project. I come back later and meditate with the crystal for a few moments and go back to work.

Keys For Use

Some people have crystals as drawing buddies, gardening pals, or study partners. Wherever you want to be more creative, there is at least one crystal that is willing to help. The keys are:

• Identify a crystal or other stone that you are drawn to for creative purposes.

• Be clear about what sort of help you want.

• Ask for help.

• Be receptive and open.

• Express gratitude.

Which Stones to Choose

In addition to quartz crystals, bumblebee jasper, orange or yellow calcite, and citrine are excellent creativity helpers, especially if you feel stuck. If there is another stone you feel drawn to for creative help, give it a try and see what happens. It isn't necessary to rely on what others tell you stones mean or can be used for. It is not uncommon for a person to have a different relationship with a particular type of stone than others might experience or which is considered “typical” for that stone. 

In our journeys with crystals, it is helpful to remember that we’re multi-dimensional beings, as are they. Much of what we can and do experience with them is far beyond our everyday third-dimensional consciousness. And yes, I know this is a "woo-woo" statement. However, sometimes "woo-woo" is more reflective of reality than the world-at-large is willing to accept. Having an open mind and open heart goes a long way toward building great relationships with the stone people.

Most of all, relax and have fun with your crystals and stones. One of the reasons they are here is to help and guide us, and one of the ways they do this is by providing lighthearted and loving energy for us to enjoy.

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