Why crystals? Why Now?

A helpful process to use right now

Aren't crystals just some airy-fairy thing those pesky new agers play with? Well, yes and no. Everybody in the modern world uses crystals. Honest. Most people just don't know they do. For instance, some watches are sold as being accurate because of quartz crystals. If you Google the words "quartz crystals in watches," here's what you'll find:

"Quartz crystals maintain a precise frequency standard, which helps to regulate the movement of a watch or clock, thus making the timepieces very accurate. Quartz is also used in radios, microprocessors, and many other technological and industrial applications."

Quartz and other stones are used for a variety of scientific purposes so, trust me, they are way more than just some new age-y play thing. However, crystals and stones have a very long history of being used in many spiritual traditions across the planet. They are used for healing, manifesting, relationship building and much more. This is what I call The Magic of Crystals and is what this newsletter focuses on.

I have played with rocks my entire life and seriously so for the past 35 years. I have studied, read about them, use them, teach classes about them, and love the energy they bring into my life. In this newsletter, I will share a lot of what I've learned and practiced over the years, with a focus on practicality. I like to say that if I can't use a spiritual principle to make my life better, then what's the point?

Let's get started with the idea of having a personal crystal. If you do nothing other than this, you will discover the magic of crystals. A personal crystal is generally clear quartz but some folks are drawn to use rose quartz or some other stone. I am preferential to having a clear quartz single point that is designated as my personal crystal. This crystal is like a best friend who's with you just about all the time. Some people wear their personal crystal as jewelry while others carry it in their pocket or purse in a special pouch. As we move forward, I'll talk more about this. For now, I will assume you have a personal crystal or will get one soon.

Let's talk about current events, shall we? I don't know anyone who isn't feeling some level of stress, worry, and concern. No matter what part of the world you reside in, you are most likely affected by the pandemic as well as by various forms of political unrest. Even if you still have a job and some sort of decent income, the wearing of masks and social distancing as well as the general state of unease floating around in the ethers, takes its toll on everyone. Can crystals and stones help? Yes, they can and here's an easy and fun way.

Make a stone bundle and use it. A stone bundle can take form as a medicine pouch worn or carried with you and even tucked under your pillow at night. I recommend three stones for this bundle. First, put a pink stone such as rose quartz, pink tourmaline or kunzite into the pouch. Next, add a blue stone such as torquoise, blue lace agate, or  blue flourite. Lastly, add  a black stone such as obsidian, onyx, or hematite.

The pink stone is to remember and feel how loved you are and of how capable you are of giving love to everyone and everything in your life. The blue stone is to help you relax and know that, even though everything seems to be in flux, everything is happening as part of the natural evolution of humankind. The black stone is to ground you, get you out of your head and the fears you are entertaining without even knowing it. These three energies combined make a sort of metaphysical soup that is not only nourishing but also directional and inspirational.

Take the three stones in your cupped hands, close your eyes, and then breathe on them three times to awaken them and to blend their energies. Close your hands holding the stones and speak to them in your own words something like this. "Thank you for agreeing to be part of my healing bundle. Please remind me to love and be loved, to trust the process of life, and to stay grounded in my body and daily life." If there are other words you feel inspired to add, do so now.

Then set the stones down and get your personal crystal. (If you don't have a personal crystal yet, you can do this using your dominant hand, open palmed.) Hold it over the three stones and ask it to bless them and add its personal energy to the mystic soup. Point your personal crystal at the three stones and move it in a counterclockwise direction while affirming the stones are clear of any energies not appropriate for you at this time. When they feel clear, move your personal crystal three times in a clockwise direction asking that whatever energies the stones can offer to help ground and inspire you are being accepted and welcomed into your life.

Put the stones in a pouch or bag and wear or carry them with you for the foreseeable future until you feel they are no longer needed. This could happen in a few weeks, months, or even years. When they are no longer needed, take them out of the pouch, thank and bless them for their help, and put them somewhere they can rest. Every once in awhile during their active use, take them out of their pouch and give them a rinse in fresh water while imagining white light cleansing them along with the water.

Join me here next week when I'll share more crystal magic with you. If you want to take a good beginning class in crystals, check out my video course at Udemy.com

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Thanks for reading and have a great week! -Krysta