What is the magic of crystals?

Is it what you think?

Frequently, I talk about the magic of crystals and this is not only the name of my blog, it's the name of my crystal course. What do I mean by the word magic?

Most of the time when we think of magic, we envision something happening or being manifested without effort on our parts. We say some magic words or have some sort of magical rite we follow and then things just happen, right? Not really.

I love the way Marianne Williamson talks about the word miracles. The magic or the miracle isn't that something happens without any effort on our part. It's that we do or don't do whatever it is that causes the miracle or magic to happen. The situation doesn't change: we do.

We are the magic. We are the miracle. Crystals are a tool we can use to make more magic in our lives. But just like a carpenter uses a hammer and saw to create, she is the one who learned how to use the hammer; she is the one following the pattern for the cabinet being made; and she is the magician - just like you!