What happened to separation of church and state?

Did the Supreme Court forget?

Recent decision put a question mark over my head

The Supreme Court ruled that the Catholic Church does not have to allow gays and lesbians to be foster parents because of the church’s beliefs and teachings. The Wall Street Journal writes: “The court ruled a Catholic social service agency was entitled to a city contract even if its religious views prevented it from compliance with local policies forbidding discrimination against same-sex couples. The decision said the city of Philadelphia unlawfully suspended a Catholic organization from a government-funded foster-care program because it wouldn’t work with same-sex parents.” The decision was nine to zero. All of the Justices agreed.

This opens the door to serious prejudices being given validity

I understand this to say that a church can legally refuse to obey a law if they feel the law is against their religion. Raise your hand if you remember reading how Christian churches used their beliefs to support slavery for years. I remember how some churches used the book of Genesis to support slavery by pointing out how it said light was good and dark was bad.

Politicians denied sacraments?

And now the church is getting ready to deny Catholic politicians the right to receive the sacrament of communion if the politician is pro-choice. My question here is what about all their congregants who are pro-choice and receive communion now? Are priests going to start asking people their position before giving communion? Isn’t this prejudicial to people who hold a political public office? Is that separation of church and state?

This is a dangerous path

This ruling continues a dangerous path where churches, who are tax-exempt by the way, can ignore lawful behavior by saying the law interferes with their beliefs and teachings. Think where this could go. Don’t vote for a certain person because his or her policies aren’t in line with our teachings. Don’t obey a particular law because it goes against our beliefs. Guess who’s in line to run the show?

Am I seeing this wrong?

Let me know what you think in the comment section below. Maybe I’m being overly sensitive. I would love to hear your thoughts.

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