Three Types of Crystals to Read

They are waiting for you!

In my last newsletter, I wrote about taking the time to read your crystals. I also said I would give you more information about certain crystals that really want to be read by you. There are many different types of crystals that want to be read. I will share about three of them. At the end of this article, there’s a brief video I made that shows the three types I’ll be discussing. Use your search engine to find other photos or drawings of these crystals.

Dow crystals

The first is called a Dow crystal. It is also known as a trans-channeling crystal because it combines the energy of both channeling crystals and transmitter crystals. Dow crystals have three sides that have seven edges to the faces and three sides that are triangles. These crystals are fabulous for meditation and usually will share a lot of information with the person who stewards them.

The third crystal I adopted back when I acted purely on intuition because I didn't know anything about crystals, is a Dow. I didn't know this until I had lived and worked with the stone for quite a few years and was thrilled to discover its true identity. Mine also has some beautiful rainbows that make it even more special.

When I first got it and saw the rainbows that are deep inside the stone, I intuitively felt they held information that I could access and I would meditate with the stone before writing or doing other creative work. I still do that with this stone. If you have a Dow crystal, treasure it, and work with it diligently as it holds information specifically for you.


The next type is called a recorder crystal. Every time I have a new crystal come into my life, I immediately check to see if it is a recorder. These crystals have one or more triangles etched into the surface of one or more of the faces of the stone. By holding the stone and rubbing the triangle while being in a meditative state, you can access the information. Sometimes a stone will not have this mark when you get it. Later when you check again, the triangle will show up. I know this sounds very woo-woo, but it is true and I have had this happen.

Crystal lore says that specific information has been recorded into these stones and will be released to the person who is meant to receive it.

Self-healed crystals

Another stone to look for is called self-healed. Self-healed stones detached from their matrix for one reason or another. In other words they fell off the mother stone. Then they healed themselves by continuing to grow. Most have numerous small points growing from the bottom of the crystal. Some will have the growth etched into the bottom of the crystal rather than actual terminations.

Can you guess what these stones can do for us? Of course you can! These crystals know how to heal and make whole and they are willing to share this information with you. Sit quietly with the stone in your receiving hand, ask for the information you want, then listen on all levels of your being. Keep notes on what you're told so you don't forget. Then be sure to use the information, checking back in with the crystal on a regular basis.

I never cease being amazed at what our crystal friends will share with us. Once you've had a few revelations that you know could only come from the stones you worked with, never will you doubt about the reality of being able to read your stones!

Here’s the video.

Happy reading!