Read Your Crystal

Yes, you can do that!

My mornings and reading

My mornings are spent in quietness while I read, meditate, listen to spiritual informational talks or lessons, write, draw or color. It is my favorite time to be, feel, think, and be spiritually nourished.

I love to read. My mother was a school teacher and taught me to read and to love books at an early age. At any given time, printed books are within easy reach and now digital books fill my devices. Since living with my crystal friends, I have learned about a different type of reading, one many people would find silly or absurd. Trust me: it is neither. Yes, you can read your crystals. Let me explain.

Yes, you can read crystals

Some, but not all, of our crystals have been worked with in the past. Some, but not all, of our crystals have been in our possession before. And some of these have been programmed with information that can only be accessed by the person who put it there. In some cases, that is you. It is said that some of these stones were used in Lemuria or Atlantis where spiritual energies were misused. Before leaving those lifetimes, some of the healers and teachers embedded information into the stones and locked them. The information can only be retrieved by someone who either used the crystal in the past or who has earned the right to access it in this lifetime.

Do you have one of those crystals? Are you a being who put some information into crystals and it is time for that information to be accessed? I don’t know. Only you can know that. Whether or not you have one of these crystals, it is possible to read your stones and learn from them. The crystal below has shared lots of information with me over the years.

How to read a crystal

Although these are various ways to do this, my favorite is to get quiet and hold the stone in my left or receiving hand with the termination pointing toward me. I close my eyes and rub the crystal with my thumb as a way of waking it up. When I feel the energy is alive and ready to transmit information to me, I sit with the crystal in a receptive mode. I pay attention to thoughts, feelings, inner visions, and sounds. Most of the time the information comes in a nonverbal form and doesn’t entirely reveal itself until later in the day.

Sometimes I hold the crystal in my left hand with the termination pointing up and rub one of the faces or side of the stone with my thumb. There are numerous ways to read a crystal. Feel free to experiment and follow your intuition so you can discover the best way for you and/or the best way for a particular stone to speak with you.

Keep records of what you learn

To become an effective crystal reader, I’ve found it’s important to keep records of what I receive. It’s easy to forget information we receive in an altered state, so I make notes in my journal as soon as I can. It’s also important to act on any information that comes through as a request or directive. As with people, if we want a relationship with our crystal, we need to pay attention to it, honor what it shares with us, and respect its integrity as it does ours.

Next time, I’ll share information about some unique crystals that have very special information to share, how to recognize them, and how to access the information.

Crystal blessings,