Reach for the heavens...

...and this stone can take you there

When I introduce people to moldavite, I always caution them. New users of this stone frequently find themselves spacing out, feeling ungrounded, and some folks even get headaches. Moldavite is a great stone to ease into. This is a very powerful stone that can enhance meditation, the dreamspace, channeled communications, and deep spiritual insights.

Moldavite is said to come from meteors that fell to earth over 15 million years ago. Some people say moldavite is glass that formed due to the heat from a meteor. It’s easy to find numerous articles and opinions using your search engine. However it was formed, I like to think of it as having been in space and then landing on earth to share some of the exalted heavenly energies with us.

I say get a piece and start using it. Sit with it in meditation or put it under your pillow at night for enhanced dream states. Some people say not to use it for dreams if you sleep with a partner because the moldavite energy could affect them as well as you. Ask the person and if they don’t mind, go for it!

Here’s a photo of one of my raw moldavite pendants - it hasn’t been polished or processed. It almost looks like a brain, doesn’t it? Could that be a clue?

I had a beautiful piece of polished moldavite that had been made into a pendant that also had a piece of polished phenacite, another high vibration stone. I wore this pendant daily for several years. Unfortunately, the piece fell on the floor and broke. I haven’t been able to have it repaired yet as the way it fractured makes repair difficult. Some people say this happens with a stone when you’re done using it while other people say it happens because the stone absorbed negative energy being sent your way. I say be careful with your stones so they don’t fall out of their pouch and land on the floor.

If you decide to use moldavite, I would love to hear your experiences. Use the comment section below and let us all know what moldavite does for you!

Crystal blessings,