Special transformative stones

Past Lives? Ancestral Lines?

In the alternative spiritual communities, it seems there's always a lot of talk about healing past lives and ancestral lines. Although this can sometimes be a distraction from living this lifetime, it can also be interesting to explore the concept of past lives, alternate lives, and concurrent lives. That's a lot of lives to think about when dealing with just this one can be challenging!

An aside: an article I read some years ago posited how we are our own ancestors. The person wrote that we tend to reincarnate into the same ancestral line so we can heal issues as well as benefit from prior successes. True? I have no idea. It's just fun to think about being my own great-grandfather or great-great aunt. Maybe this is one of the reasons genealogy is so popular? Moving on.....

Although you could work with any crystal to help with the exploration of past lives, there's one type in particular that offers specific help: phantom crystals.

What they are

Phantoms, as they are known, are crystals that grow, stop awhile, grow some more, stop, and grow more...some of them do this many times. Here's a photo of my favorite phantom. Near the bottom, you can see the first time it stopped growing. Looking up the crystal, you can see how it stopped and started several times. The stone is about 2 1/2" tall at the highest point and 1 1/2" wide at the center.

How to Use them

You can meditate with a phantom and ask it to help you focus on prior lifetimes or you can simply sit and ask it to help you clear anything you no longer need. You could also ask it to help heal your ancestral line if that is something you're trying to accomplish.

Another way phantoms are great is to help you during times of transformation or big changes. These crystals know what it is like to reach various stages of growth, rest, and then continue on. They should be used with patience and they are great teachers of patience.

How this crystal came to me

This particular stone came to me at a time when I was having to reinvent myself. I had sold a successful business and put all the money into a new business that was failing. Instead of having my nest egg for retirement, I was having to start over again. A friend of mine who owned a crystal store helped me by hiring me to work in her store one day a week.

This crystal was there and I started working with it when no one was in the store. The price tag was $100 and, even though my resources were low, I knew this stone needed to be with me. I bought it and have worked with it many times over the years. It continues to be a great investment in myself and my life journey. I have learned to never argue with myself about the price of a stone. If it says it’s mine, together we will always find a way to afford it financially.

Inclusions make these stones even more special

Phantom crystals can have inclusions such as chlorite, hematite, amethyst, and smokey quartz. These are rarer and each can be used for specific purposes.

Spirit guides

Lastly, phantoms can be used to contact spirit guides. Holding one, go to your meditative space, enter the crystal, and ask to meet a guide. When one shows up, ask questions or simply sit together in silence for a special treat.

If you don't have one of these special crystal beings, put out the call to draw one to you and I am certain one will find its way to you.

Brightest blessings,