Let's Play a Game!

Time for some fun!

Let's have some fun and play a game!

Please look at the photo below and see if you can name the stones shown. Ready? Go!

Did you recognize all of them?

Did you know their names? If you found yourself scolding me because you knew the real game I was playing, okay! You are correct. All of these stones are calcite. Isn't that fun that Mother Nature decided to show off her variety in this way?

Although I will briefly speak to each stone's primary energetic signature, crystal expert Katrina Raphaell states the overall thing to remember is that calcite is the sort of stone that simply needs us to be with it. We don't need to do a lot of mental juggling with calcite.

Here are the specific stones beginning at the top and moving clockwise.

The top stone has two names - Dogtooth Calcite and Stellar Beam Calcite. The short version is these crystals help us move into new territory and are very supportive of moving forward in our lives. Sitting with one in meditation will give you the strength and focus you might need to tackle a new trajectory. When I am moving forward with a project of some sort, I like to carry mine in my pocket or have it on my desk. These are usually golden in color but also show up in red sometimes.

Green Calcite

To the right , we have a piece of tumbled green calcite. Green calcite is your best friend when trying to make changes on the mental level. Let's say you want to change seeing yourself as a smoker, drinker, or procrastinator. Green calcite can help you make the mental leap where you can change from one identity to the other. As a healing stone, it can assist you to remain calm and open as you walk your new path.

Honey or gold calcite

At the bottom is honey or gold calcite. This is a terrific stone to help integrate physical changes and helps with the digestive system. It supports the navel center, manifesting and using one's power. There's also a sweetness to this stone; it isn't all about assertive power as such. Sometimes we are most powerful when we are quiet and sweet, not just being assertive and active.

Peach rhomboid

To the left is a piece of peach calcite in one of this stone's basic shapes - rhomboid. This form shows the stone as a parallelogram and when we look at it we can see the symmetry and can access the message of allowing ourselves to be, especially when we want to link two parallel realities. I used to have a clear piece of calcite in this shape that was called optical calcite. You could place it on the page of a book and read through the stone. I let that stone go a few years ago when I sold about half of my collection. I kept this peach because of the joining of the pink (open heart) and gold (higher mind) colors in it. Judy Hall in The Crystal Bible says the rhomboid calcite is great for healing the past

Red Calcite

This pendent is the first red calcite I have adopted and I have had it only a week so can't speak from personal experience yet. It is supposed to be great for the heart as well as working with the lower chakras, bringing vitality, and can remove blockages that keep you from moving forward in your life.

There's much more to calcite

Calcite is a wonder stone and simply having a piece in your environment will help energize, clear, and stabilize you and your physical space. Calcite is readily available and generally reasonably priced. I have barely touched the surface and you can learn more through Judy Hall's various books, The Book of Stones by Robert Simmons, and The Crystalline Transmission by Katerina Raphaell.

Thanks for playing my little game!

Crystal Blessings to you!