It's just a rock....

Is it?

Are any rocks just “regular rocks?”

Regular rocks are rock-people, too. Often we see regular rocks and discount them as being of our stone tribe. Discounting the power of regular rocks deprives us of a very deep connection, inspirational voice, and healing force that such rocks offer. All rocks have been around a very long time and it is said that many of the rocks on planet earth spent time in space before being embedded here.

How to work with regular rocks

Here’s how to work with a regular rock. Go outside and find a rock that seems to call to you. Sit with it, holding it between both hands and let yourself feel its energy. Look at it from as many different angles as you can and look carefully. Can you see any sort of geometric figures, lines, faces, animals, plants, etc... Relax your gaze and look carefully. If you see something that calls to you, pursue it and see where it takes you.

Is there a message for you?

Holding the rock, close your eyes and ask if there is a message for you. Be grateful and thank the rock for being with you and for being willing to share its experiences and knowledge with you. Carry the rock with you or put it on your desk or somewhere you can see it frequently. Just like a crystal or other store, this regular rock has gifts for you if you’re open to receiving them.

Three of my favorites

Here's three of my favorite regular rocks. I picked up the one with stripes while out hiking a few years ago. I meant to give it to a friend who collects such rocks but it seemed to want to stay with me. The black one in the center just appeared on the sidewalk in front of my house many years ago. I was going through a tough time and being given this heart-shaped stone was a gift from the Universe. I've carried it with me daily ever since. The one on the right just seems to hum through life!

Don’t be a snob!

Let go of being a rock snob where you believe only the pretty crystals and gemstones are valuable. You’ll miss out on a lot if you view regular rocks as less meaningful than the others!

Love and Light,