Is this the best stone?

Judy Hall said it is - for her

The Brandenberg Amethyst

I had heard about a particular type of amethyst called Brandenberg, or Brandberg as some people call it, but didn’t do anything to acquire one until I read something Judy Hall, author of The Crystal Bible, said in an interview. The interviewer asked her if she could have one stone, what stone would it be. As a person who owned hundreds if not thousands of stones, she said, “My Brandenberg amethyst. If I could have only one stone, it would be this one. My Brandenberg never lets me down no matter what issue I’m facing.”

After hearing that from this crystal expert, I knew I had to have one. I turned to the internet and found a place that mines and sells them in Namibia, South Africa. Now I have four. Here are the first two I adopted. As you can see, the one on the right has smokey quartz as well as amethyst and is actually two stones. These are about an inch in height.

Why are they so special?

What makes these so special? Here’s what Judy says in The Encyclopedia of Crystals.

“Geologically speaking, Brandenberg Amethyst is a young stone but has a very old soul and extremely high vibration….(this stone) brings about deep soul healing and forgiveness…in addition to the generic properties of amethyst, this stone speeds recovery from illness or accident and is excellent for house clearing. A Smokey Brandenberg is the finest tool available for removing implants, attachments, spirit possession, or mental influence, and this is the stone par excellence for transformation or transition… is a high- vibration stone.”

I love these stones

Judy is right. These are very special stones. The energy varies, of course, but in general they are very joyful stones that make me feel good just by holding them. They feel smooth energetically while also being very active. I’ve used them for over a year and they are my go-to stones. Treat yourself. Look around on the internet and you can find some. Etsy, where I found my second two, has some pendants.

Happy crystal-finding!