If you're feeling a bit blue

Here's a tip for you

Feeling blue?

Like many of you, sometimes I feel a bit blue or “down.” In some cases, there is a reason for this. Sometimes there isn’t. Maybe we’re picking up general energies in the ethers or from people in our environment. No matter where these feelings some from, here’s what I do.

Honor the feelings

First, I don’t try to get rid of how I feel because it’s healthy to feel our feelings and there could be a message for me. I let myself feel how I feel, acknowledge how I feel and then get quiet and ask if there is a message for me. If there is, I accept it. If not, I simply give the feeling a nod and move on.

I get one of my crystals that has a rainbow

I hold the crystal and gaze at the rainbow. I let the magic of this flow into my mind and heart and feelings. Turning the crystal various directions, I let myself enjoy its beauty, admiring this miracle of nature. Before long, my mood will shift, I begin to feel joy, and allow the blues to float up and out of my body and space. I thank the crystal for the help and either carry it with me the rest of the day or leave it on my meditation table.

Crystals want to help us

Our rock tribe is with us for a reason and they want to help us navigate our lives with ease and grace. Letting their beauty into our minds and hearts not only helps us feel better - it helps them reach their potential as well.

Love and Light,