If buying online....

Read the descriptions carefully

Finding golden topaz

For quite awhile I've wanted a piece of golden topaz, but what I found was usually beyond what would keep my budget happy. One day, I decided to look online again and see what I could find. Aha! There was a decent sized piece for about $15 - that would work for me.

As a bonus, if I bought a piece of Lemurian healing quartz, I would get a discount on that as well as free shipping. I used to have a Lemurian healer but sold it a few years ago when I let go of about half of all my crystals. I was ready for another piece so placed the order.


I was so excited when the mail arrived that day and quickly sat down to open the package. I couldn't believe my eyes. The piece of golden topaz was a fraction of the size I thought it would be.

I went back to the website where I bought it and looked at the description again. I thought it said the piece was two inches in length. No, it said two centimeters: big difference! I didn't complain because the seller had done nothing wrong, although I do think it would be nice if they had put a picture of a coin or ruler beside the piece.

The gift

As I began working with the Lemurian quartz, I realized this stone had worked its magic to get to me. I thought the order was about the topaz when it was really about the healing stone. Although it is a very humble and homely stone that wouldn't draw much attention in a shop, it packs a wallop and is an amazing workhorse.

Be more careful in the future

So although I will read descriptions more carefully in the future, I'm very happy to have both of these stones with me. The golden topaz has found a home in a pouch I carry with me and the Lemurian is a delightful meditation stone. Purchasing stones online really can work out well - just be sure you understand exactly what you're getting before hitting the buy button!

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