Help the people in Surfside, Florida

Yes, you have tools to help

Feeling helpless?

Sometimes when we hear about tragedies such as the condo collapsing in Surfside, Florida, we want to help people but feel helpless. Yes, praying is excellent. Sending money to the Red Cross or other such organization is wonderful. And as a crystal practitioner, you have another tool.

Pull out the rose quartz

This can be done with any stone. I prefer rose quartz because of the soft and loving energies it produces. Here’s one way I do this. I’m sure you have your own way or can devise something that resonates with you if this doesn’t.

First, get the stone you want to use.

Get a photo of the place or people you want to support or use some other physical object to represent the recipient(s) of your efforts. Go to a quiet place and get centered and focused.

Along with your chosen stone(s), hold your hands together so they form a cup-like shape and imagine the people or situation being lovingly held in your hands. Project energy from your hands, your heart, and your spiritual eye into the stones and the people or situation you want to support. Be conscious of the healing energy you’re sending to others and when you feel complete, leave the stones on top of the photo or other representation of the people/situation. Do this as often as you feel guided to do so.

This really works even if you can’t see the results first-hand. How many times have you heard people say they don’t know where they got the strength to get through something, that somehow the energy or idea they needed just came to them “from the blue?” Maybe it was because someone was praying for them or doing a little ritual like this one. Maybe it was their angel or guide. Who knows? What I do know is that doing something like this for people who are suffering can only help; it can’t hurt them.

Crystal blessings,