Have you heard of Andara?

It's a bit controversial

It was only in the last year that I learned about Andara, a stone that is supposed to be very high energy and meant for specific people. ShamanSisters.com has some great information and I will share a bit here.

“Andara Crystals are master crystals with powerful healing abilities for increasing vibration and awareness to access universal knowledge, open up psychic gifts, DNA activation. A healing crystal that balances and clears the 3 Brains (Head, Heart and Gut). This crystal can accelerate the process of spiritual development and helps one to attract and manifest the path of their True Authentic self.

“Authentic Andara Crystal comes from the high-energy vortex site in the High Sierra Nevadas of northern California on Mount Shasta, originally found by an Indian medicine woman in 1967 named Lady Nellie. Andaras have also been discovered in South Africa. Testing of the soil where they were found proved to be high in monatomic elements.”

There are some folks who say these stones are simply pieces of glass, slag, left over from a company that used to make glass at that location. Of course, I had to have a piece to decide for myself and here is the pendant I bought.

I tried to make the photo large enough so you can see some of the orange-ish tint inside the stone. It has a very nice quiet presence and sort of hums in the background all day when I wear it. Does it have special powers? I don’t know but I do enjoy wearing it and have put it under my pillow for some special dreams.

Andara comes in different colors and the website mentioned above explains the uses of various colors and they also have pieces for sale.

We are blessed to have so many crystal friends and allies to play with and Andara is certainly one you would want to meet and interact with. Remember: you can work with photos of stones as well as with the actual stone. Play around with the photo above or visit the Shaman Sisters site to view some others.

Happy crystal blessings!