Go ahead: laugh.

Then give it a try.

Program a crystal with music

One of the most popular things we can do with our crystals is program them. I talk about this at length in my on demand Magic of Crystals class. Something I didn't talk much about is the idea of programming our crystals with music.

Crystals send and receive energetic signals; this is part of what makes them so powerful. Music/sound/toning consists of energetic signals. What if you could program some of your favorite music into a crystal that you could carry or wear?

Use your earbuds or speakers

Instead of having your iPod plugged into your ears all day, what if you could program the energy of some of your favorite tunes into a crystal that you carried in your pocket or wore as a pendant? You can! Here is one of my crystals being programmed with a relaxing album. You can just put the crystal in front of your speakers if you prefer.

Laugh and then try

As I said, go ahead and laugh at my crystal listening to music via earbuds....then give this a try and let me know what happens!

Crystal Blessings,