Earth Day 2021

Celebrate Earth Day with your crystal tribe

How old are quartz crystals?

"Many quartz crystals are between 40 million to 400 million years old and are like memory chips that have been recording the frequencies of our planet's growth," according to several sources. Isn't that a humbling statistic? What better way to celebrate our dear mother planet than by playing with our crystals since they have been around for so long.

Choose one of your favorites

Choose a favorite crystal that really makes your heart sing. I am choosing an enhydro crystal. Enhydro crystals have water in them that was trapped as the crystal cooled. The water is very old, some say as old as 100 million years. The water in mine moves as you move the crystal. You can see the red mark that shows were the water is, but I’m not able to take a picture that really shows the water. The reason I'm choosing this stone is because I can honor four elementals at the same time: earth, water, and fire....air is there in the surrounding environment!

Honor Mother Earth

To honor Mother Earth for Earth Day, I will meditate with this stone. I will use it as a transmitting medium to send love and healing to the planet and as a receiving medium to hear what the earth might want to say to me. Because the stone is so old, it has a lot of data and experiences it has collected over the years, some of which it wants to share.

We're all of the earth

It's important to remember we're all earth babies. Sometimes it's easier to honor the trees, flowers, and animals while forgetting to honor the human animal. Many humans are hurting and suffering right now due to the tremendous growing pains our species is going through.

During my meditation, I will send healing and loving energies to the planet and everything/everyone who lives here. I invite you to do the same. Choose a stone to work with and then design your own Earth Day ritual blessing. Honor your stone for its many years of service to the planet. Mother will thank you for doing this as will the rest of us.

Crystal Blessings,