Do you need to get something done? Now?

Meet vanadinite.

Are you the creative type with lots of projects?

Please meet your new best friend: vanadinite. Every time I tell someone about this stone, they respond, "What? Spell it." So I do.

I learned about vanadinite by accident. It was mentioned in a mass mailing I got from a place that sells stones and jewelry online and through EBay ( The listing said the stone was good for writers and people who do creative work. That's me. I ordered the pendant below. That worked so well, I bought the earrings a few weeks later.

It's a working stone

Vanadinite is a working stone. It helps get your energy into productive mode and then helps keep you there. If you're on a deadline or really need to focus on what you're doing, vanadinite can help. If you want to put your creative juices into high gear, vanadinite is your friend. If you're stuck on a project and can't break through, vanadinite to the rescue. Wearing this stone is like having a coach, personal trainer, and good friend cheering you on. With all of that, it is one of the best grounding stones I have met.

Not a crazy type of energy

This isn't a crazy energy that makes you feel stressed. It is a gentle yet persistent energy that feels supportive and focused. If you look carefully, you'll see the pendant has a piece of amethyst at the top and the earrings both have Herkimer diamonds. These extra stones add to the energy for me and I think they help even out the vanadinite.

Sometimes I wear these stones for months at a time, choosing not to wear any others. I do this when I have a lot going on or if I am feeling a bit lackluster about my projects. Then I can go long periods where I don't wear them at all. They are definitely among my favorites in my toolbox.

Where to find this stone

I just checked and both EBay and Etsy have raw vanadinite as well as jewelry available in case your local crystal shop doesn't have any or is closed right now. There are plenty of sources for this amazing stone - just use your search engine or visit your local shop. Let me know if you give the stone a try and how it works for you!

Love and Light,