Do we need a Department of Peace?

Could Marianne Williamson be onto something

Revisiting something from the 2020 election

If you followed the 2020 election, you will remember Marianne Williamson, best known for her teachings of the Course in Miracles, was on the debate stage along with other candidates for the presidency. I don’t think she thought she could win and I didn’t think she could win. I believe she ran as a way to seed some thoughts into the mass consciousness. One of the ideas she put forth was that our country needs a Department of Peace. Many people thought this was just another airy-fairy progressive platitude and I doubt it gained any traction.

Let’s rethink this

Recently I was listening to a class given by Jim Self from He said that once the most recent census results were in, we learned there are 1.4 million people serving in the military. This doesn’t count all the people in supporting businesses and industries. When our world does reach a place of peace, consider what will happen to this people. What will happen to their incomes and jobs? And what about all the people currently working in the fossil fuel industry? When we finally make the switch to alternate sources of energy, what will happen to these people?

I’ve been glib about this in the past

In the past, I’ve been somewhat glib about this, saying these people need to be retrained so they can move into new industries. When I talked about coal mining, I said these folks need get retrained and move into different jobs and stop holding on to an industry that is outdated. My own industry of publishing has gone through massive changes resulting in many people, including myself, having to shift gears and learn new ways to communicate and share information. I didn’t see it as a huge issue. Now I see it differently. If we aren’t proactive about this, reaching world peace could potentially cause a lot of upheaval and pain for many people. And here is where I think Marianne has a great idea.

Department of Peace

If we establish a Department of Peace, this is the sort of thing that could be planned for right now rather than waiting until it is an urgent problem. And, yes, this same department could also work to help people who would be displaced from the fossil fuel industry. Perhaps doing both these things would help more people to be supportive of both issues.

Peace is bigger than just not having wars

It’s easy to see peace as the absence of war. It is so much more. Peace is the absence of war and it is also the presence of people living in a state of well-being on all levels - body, mind, and spirit. Maybe this is an idea we should begin to float to our representatives. I’ll write to Marianne and see if she is following up on this idea. I’ll let you know what I find out.

Peace is possible! So is well-being for all!

Love and Light,