Crystals of the angelic kingdom


It was many years ago that I adopted my first elestial crystal and I have had, and still have, several over the years. Elestials have some of the sweetest, most loving, wise energy I have experienced from stones. These powerhouses are also known as skeletal quartz, Jacare quartz, allligator quartz, and cathedral quartz. What sets them apart visually is they usually appear as if several of them are together and there seems to be some sort of etched information on them. Sometimes they look similar to the human brain. Here’s one of mine I’ve had for many years.

Elestials are wonderful to have with you during times of stress and healing. This one came with me to every therapy session I had when I was doing some deep family of origin healing. It gave me a sense of comfort my other crystals didn’t at the time.

These stones can help clear negativity from your auric space as well as your living or working space and they help you connect with higher energies of angels and other advanced beings. If you’re seeking spiritual information that will assist you with your journey, ask for an elestial to come into your life and then have it with you 24/7. Listen with your heart and intuition. Keep records of what you are told and see what unfolds for you.

Brightest blessings,