Crystals and the moon

Use moon cycles with the help of your crystal

I’m writing this on the new moon, a time of new beginnings. Did you know you can use your crystals to support you during the various moon cycles, even when the cycles aren’t exactly where you want them to be? Let me explain.

First, I am making the assumption you know how the moon affects our entire planet during its various cycles. Think how the moon causes the oceans to be at full or low tide and you’ll have some idea of how powerful the moon’s energies are. Then realize our bodies are composed of up to 60% water and you'll appreciate how the phases of the moon can affect your energies, whether or not you realize it.

You can take one of your clear crystals and leave it outside or in a window during one complete moon cycle. Ask the crystal to absorb the energies of the moon phases so it can carry the energies of the new moon all the way to the full moon and back to new again. During each cycle, you can meditate with the crystal programming it with the appropriate energies of the moon. These phases of energy can be used by you for the various things you are trying to do in your life.

Once the crystal has been programmed in this way, you can use it to help you when you’re starting a new project and need new moon energy to get started. The crystal can help you all the way through to the full moon which could be the completion of your project or at least a good part of the project being done. This then can help you to go through the letting go phase of the project.

Although it’s most powerful to actually align yourself with the moon's energies in real time for maximum effect, this way of working with a crystal that has been aligned with the moon’s energies is very powerful. This process also gives you more energetic flexibility and support as you navigate your life. Aligning a moon-programmed crystal during the actual phases of the moon significantly impacts the crystals effectiveness.

Try this and let me know what happens for you!