Arizona and Texas.....

What do they have to do with one another?

New abortion restrictions in Texas

No doubt you’ve heard about the newest abortion restrictions just passed in the state of Texas. No abortions are allowed after six weeks of pregnancy when many women don’t even know they are pregnant; no exceptions are made for rape or incest; maybe, just maybe, they will allow if it the mother would die without an abortion. And anybody who wants to sue the doctors, nurses, drivers, friends and family of the woman having an abortion can do so to their heart’s content.

And the winner is…..

Arizona is once again counting its ballots from the presidential election that was held six months ago. Among other things, they are looking for bamboo fibers so they can prove their leader, who was voted out of office, can say it was all a sham and he is still the duly elected president of our country.

What do these two apparently different events have in common?

Control. The right-wing conservatives in Texas, and other states, truly don’t care about the well-being of the fetus, a wanna-be child. If right-wing conservatives truly cared about the lives of children, we wouldn’t have brown-skinned children being abused at the border, black-skinned children being murdered by the police, and poor white-skinned children lacking proper health care.

It’s all about control

Controlling access to abortion and birth control is about controlling women and their bodies. Trying to the change the outcome of the 2020 election is about trying to control who stays in power no matter what the majority of the country wants.

People who are desperate for control are telling us they live in fear. They fear others telling them what to do. They want to be sure they are in the controlling position. I find it quite humorous how many right-wing conservatives refuse to wear masks or socially distance in order to help stop the spread of Covid19. They say the government needs to stop trying to control their bodies. Yet, these same people want to control a woman’s body in the most intimate of decisions that should be made by her, her partner, and their physician.

I don’t have the solution to this issue.

I wish I did. What I do know is this is a great opportunity for us to turn within ourselves and ask what sort of crazy things we do or say in order to maintain control in our lives? How many relationships and situations have we destroyed because we weren’t able to let go and let God, as the saying goes.

I do have faith this is all going to work out.

However, I think we are in for a long journey that requires patience on our part, a willingness to speak up when we can, and support of those on the front lines who have the ability to take action. This is the time for people trying to walk a more conscious spiritual path to be visible and active. We each need to ask ourselves, “What does involvement look like for me?” Then we need to take inspired action.

Love and Light,


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