Are you helping the people of Afganistan?

Here's how you and your crystals can help

Putting politics aside because that is not helpful right now, I’m sure you are as horrified at the exodus pictures we’re seeing as I am. And I’m sure you are praying for the people of Afganistan. Here’s a way you and your crystals can help.

Use the map below or another one you can find and either print it out or make your own hand drawn map. Ask your crystals who would like to amplify your and everyone else’s efforts for a smoother transition and the safety of the people who are in harm’s way right now.

Place these crystals around the map so their energy is aimed at the country and can enhance your efforts. Visualize peace and safety for the people who are in Afganistan, both natives and people of other nationalities who might be in harm’s way - our American service people as well, obviously.

This might seem woo-woo, but, hey, most people consider crystals woo-woo anyway. Let’s join in sending healing and safe energy to these people and ask for the highest and best for all concerned. Here’s the map.

As various situations arise around the world, use this process to add more energy to your efforts. We can make a difference always asking for the highest and best for all concerned.

Crystal Blessings,