Are you frustrated yet?

Me, too.

Accept and allow

I try to live my life by accepting what’s going on and allowing the Universe to take the lead. But I have to be honest and say when it comes to the far right folks and the current Republican leadership, it is getting more challenging. I find myself wondering how far will Divine Mother let things go before she puts on the brakes….because She will - one way or the other. I found myself thinking a very crude thought the other day and even said it out loud so I will go ahead and share it with you here. “When is She going to flush the toilet?”

How far will they go?

Don’t they understand that every rule and law they are passing in order to keep people from voting also affects their own voters? Don’t they realize the new rules they are putting in place about being able to overturn election results they don’t like will apply equally to the Democrats or Independents when they are in charge. Such short-sightedness!

My solution?

I do my best not to dwell too much on all these goings on. I stay aware and make my voice heard in ways that I can. I also realize I am not in charge here and all of this evolution of consciousness has to play itself out. What I can do is feed good energies into the collective mind and know that it does make a difference. I might not see the results right away, but I know they are there or will be shortly. I take the long view, knowing that any evolution of our species doesn’t happen quickly.

Let’s do this together

Let’s visualize light and love and truth surrounding everyone, especially those in a position of leadership. Let’s send tons of light to their Higher Selves and ask that this light be used to guide them to right actions for the highest good of all concerned. The reason to send it to their Higher Selves is so the light will be used properly. Sending light to their lower selves might only give their unfair actions and thoughts more power instead of less!

Thanks for reading….