Are you afraid?

Here's some ideas

Even people who have been on their spiritual path a long time sometimes experience fear. Life isn’t always easy and, in today’s world, it seems there is always something that can scare us and cause us to feel fearful. But letting ourselves live in fear isn’t helpful or practical.

I’m sure you’ve heard the acronym False Evidence Appearing Real = FEAR. And it’s accurate. When I look back on some of the people and situations that I let scare me, they weren’t what I thought they were at the time. Realizing this after the fact, however, doesn’t help in the moment.

Handling fear

The first and most important way to handle any fear is to get in touch with unconditional love within ourselves and then radiate it as much and as often as we can. Nothing can penetrate unconditional love. The trick is to remember to access this state and live within it. Wearing or having rose quartz in your space is very helpful to feeling love, safety, and being cared for.

Can crystals help us feel safe?

Sometimes people ask me about protecting their property - their home or business. Yes, crystals can help. Some people like to put programmed crystals at the corners of the property or home. Here's something I learned from someone years ago; I don't remember who.

Take a crystal, preferably a wand due to its ability to focus energy strongly and directly. After meditating with the stone and asking if it wants to participate, stand as close to the center of your property or home as you can. Hold the crystal pointing it in front of you and draw lines around the property in the shape of a square.

The lines should be straight, even if the home or property is round or not even. As you draw the lines, send the energy of protection, sealing the place with love and light. You might feel like doing this more than once. You will know when it feels completed.

Here are two of my favorite wands

Angels, guides, and masters

I also call on angels, guides, and masters to guard my home and property and feel the combination of stones, energy, and angels raises the vibration of my space. Remember: the best protection for yourself, your home or business, is unconditional love. Project unconditional love to everyone everywhere and you have the best protection possible. If you want crystals and angels to join you, I am sure they would be delighted to help! All you have to do is ask and then receive.

Nothing to fear

Truthfully, there is nothing to fear. We just don't always feel that way. Allow crystals, stones, and whatever other tools you might have help you live in love rather than in fear. And remember the advice given to people who climb mountains: don't look down. Focus on your journey, look up, and continue to move forward.

Crystal blessings,