A new-to-me stone!

Not truly a stone, though!

Even though I’ve worked and played with stones for almost forty years, there are many I have not met and I get excited when I have the opportunity to make a new stone-friend. Here’s what happened.

For my birthday, I wanted a pendant that had two stones: moldavite and phenacite. I had such a pendant for years but it fell, along with many other pieces of my jewlery, and broke. I’ve missed the energy which is quite intense. My sweetie bought a new pendant for me (that I found and chose). When it arrived, the person who made the pendant gifted me with a piece of fulgurite. Although I had seen the name of this stone a few times, I had not seen a piece or even read about it. The little envelope it came in simply said: manifestation.

Oh, yes, this is energy I can always use and especially now when we’re in the process of moving from the Pacific Northwest to the Phoenix, Arizona area without a house to move to! It’s a long story. My crystal books are packed ready to go, so, without delay, I did some online research and found this on the Utah Geological website:

“Most people have never seen a fulgurite, and many that have probably did not realize what it was at the time. Fulgurites are natural tubes or crusts of glass formed by the fusion of silica (quartz) sand or rock from a lightning strike. Their shape mimics the path of the lightning bolt as it disperses into the ground.

“All lightning strikes that hit the ground are capable of forming fulgurites. A temperature of 1800 degrees Celsius is required to instantaneously melt sand and form a fulgurite (most lightning strikes have a temperature of 2500 degrees Celsius). Fulgurites have been found worldwide, but are relatively rare.”

Apparently, shamans use fulgurites as prayer tubes and call on the agency of lightning to send out their prayers to the Universe. Indeed, mine is a tube and I can blow through it and feel the air come out the other side. I asked my fulgurite to help with my current projects as well as expressing gratitude for all the good that has already happened. Then I blew the prayer out through the tube and let it go.

I enjoy holding the stone and letting myself feel the energy of lightning and inviting the sense of awe and power into my life in the way that is best for all concerned.

Here’s my moldavite/phenacite pendant and the fulgurite. Blessings Krysta